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From the mazery at Kirkwood

The CROWN & BEE MEAD Reasoning

The rewards of patience are remarkable. Today this culminates in mead that bears the name Crown & Bee. Since 1994, my wife Nancy & I have been teaming up to make melomels, pyments, cysers, blue, black, and sack styles at the Kirkwood mazery located in the beautiful Maple Leaf neighborhood north Seattle Washington USA. This honey based ferment called mead is the oldest fermented beverage known. Here at Kirkwood we are continually growing mazery fruit, also with grafted trees, meeting fruit friends in the neighborhood, finding the right connection with people in the honey industry. Mead making continues in the traditional way at the Crown & Bee mazery.

Since 1945 Americas finest honey from Moses Lake Washington does provide the finest base ferment for Crown & Bee mead. Hood River Oregon is where the yeast laboratory is located. I believe it to be the meaders choice for the Crown & Bee providing a noticeable improvement in complexity and palate. This is evidenced inside each and every bottle of Crown & Bee mead. Our preferred growing methods as well as small batch hand crafting of the Crown & Bee result in exceptional quality. All in all the award winning components from the worlds most discerning vintners are meaded at the Kirkwood mazery to provide a clean enhanced natural bodied must. Crown & Bee mead is produced on site at the Kirkwood mazery, fermented and bottled there free of contaminants and mutants, aged in a temperature controlled environment within the mazery for the first year then bottled and placed in our storage facility on location to fill in a three year ageing period.

Crown & Bee mead is 100% pure honey provided by the tireless magic of honey bees, locally grown fruit, pure water from the source at Tolt, bursting with deep earthly flavors in your mouth.

Mead is well documented in history and was known to the ancients as the "Drink of the gods". Mead was the preferred drink on long voyages because of the properties of honey and the ferment, it keeps. Have you ever heard the words - "honey moon"? The ancients derived this saying for after a wedding, the couple would drink mead for one lunar month to ensure a happy and fruitful marriage. (Did I mention the belief that mead would change the hormonal balance and have a tendency to produce more male offspring within a holy union presumably for warring?) It is also referred to as the, "Drink of kings and poets". These thoughts will be left up to you to decide. Raise your glass and don’t look down.

Here at the Kirkwood mazery Nancy & I are proud of this mead. It doesn’t have to be a special day, just a quiet time. Crown & Bee one after noon, we can share a bottle with you. Have a taste of ancient tradition.

Founder, Paul Pelton
Lord of Kirkwood