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General Overview
Meaded On:9/15/2005
Bottled On:7/9/2006
Residual Sugar:6.4%
Alcohol Content:12.1%
Mead Style:Great Mead
Weather Conditions:(Not Recorded)
Yeast Type:dry mead #3632, with a pitch temperature of 89° F
Honey Type:clover
Results Synopsis:Legginess: No legs. Color: Cherry amber color. Aroma: Full on ginger. Fruitness: Full on ginger no heat A sweet smooth treat. A good mead for working in the yard with the sugar high and alcohol buzz.

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Diary Entries (1)
Bee On 9/15/2005 was recorded:
#31 Ginger 9/15/05
Ginger root peeled and diced into my little finger digit size, boiled for 30 mins. then poured into the cool water of the bucket. Boiled honey, moss, nutrient, gypsum - pitched yeast next a. m. @89F. 1.140 = 18.5% . 9/17 roaring nicely 1:30p. Saw Black Keys at Neumos last night - GREAT - hot inside, played 1 hour (9/15) Paul Gibson's birthday 47 yrs. 9/21/05 racked out root, 1.104 = 13.6. 10/23 racked 1.072 = 9.2% sugar. Sharp, strong and way too sweet, bubbling good though (about every 10 seconds, still quite active, nice golden color almost amber. 65F basement, I put the heat belt on it, I'm worried it's too sweet or a stuck ferment. . . 30 second bubble. 3/3/06 racked, still 9 % sugar, broke a yeast packet, will pitched it tomorrow, beautiful clear amber color. after work carried the carboy to the upstairs bath heated floor, racked 3 times, pitched yeast into open bucket with nutrient, covered with plastic, floor at 82F mead @ 74-5F. Covered with towel - nothing still. 3/6 Monday before work racked 3 times into carboy, covered with towel mead still about 74F. No sign of ferment until 1 week later. Monday 3/13 4 or 5 second bubble today. 3/14 3 second bubble - ! ! Bottled 7/9/06 1.052 = 6.4% sugar 12.1% alcohol