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General Overview
Meaded On:7/27/2004
Bottled On:7/25/2005
Residual Sugar:1.3%
Alcohol Content:15.2%
Mead Style:Great Mead
Weather Conditions:(Not Recorded)
Yeast Type:dry mead yeast # 3632, with a pitch temperature of 85° F
Honey Type:clover
Results Synopsis:(Not Recorded)

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Diary Entries (1)
Bee On 7/27/2004 was recorded:
#16 Blueberry 7/27/2004
Frozen blueberries from last week, boiled 15 mins. Cooled in the sink to pitch the yeast in the wide fermenter 1" from the top, it's 78F in the basement at 2:30am! 16.5 = 1.126 potential alcohol tonight. We've been gardening some with Kathy, Safeway contract extended again. Finished fence and dirt hauling from behind the garage across the road and camping every weekend. Dealing with car crash. 8/3 racked out fruit, nice. 1.043 = 5.1% sugar. 11.4 alcohol so far and 3 second bubble. 9/18 racked again 1.013 = 1.3 residual sugar. Bottled 7/25/2005 80F outside, nice. . . .came home from Greg's property 15.2% alcohol 1.3% residual sugar