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General Overview
Meaded On:5/12/2007
Bottled On:4/5/2008
Residual Sugar:2.2%
Alcohol Content:20.9%
Mead Style:Melomel
Weather Conditions:(Not Recorded)
Yeast Type:Eau de vie (2) packs, with a pitch temperature of 78° F
Honey Type:clover
Results Synopsis:Legginess: Leggy. Color: Amber with rose tint. Aroma: Nice ripe strawberry. Fruitness: Deep strawberry with a dry finish.

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Diary Entries (1)
Bee On 5/13/2007 was recorded:
#43 Strawberry Sunday 5/13/07
Cooked up mother's day 23.1 = 1.176 potential alc!! (78F) off the scale on the hydrometer ! On Monday morn. pitched 2) packs Eau de vie yeast smack pack. Tuesday morn. it's jiffy pop top! Great - upstairs on the heated bath floor, @ 84F, which puts the must at around 74F (68 - 72F in the room). Racked 5/18 morn, 1.090 = 11.5% good firm stir into the bucket. Racked 5/29 A. M. good hard stir. 1.020 = 2.2% residual sugar, still bubbling slowly. Bottled 4/6/2008 2.2% = 1.020 residual sugar 20.9% alcohol