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General Overview
Meaded On:8/27/2005
Bottled On:6/10/2006
Residual Sugar:1%
Alcohol Content:18%
Mead Style:Melomel
Weather Conditions:(Not Recorded)
Yeast Type:dry mead yeast, with a pitch temperature of 72° F
Honey Type:clover
Results Synopsis:Very beautiful batch of mead. I feel proud of this batch, it goes down great and has been one to give away to friends and family with great reviews in return. Fruity and perfect.

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Diary Entries (1)
Bee On 8/25/2005 was recorded:
#27 Pear Mead 8-27-05
wyeast Dry Mead Yeast
8-28-05 pitched yeast this morn a 9:45 am smells and looks great. 72f.
honey , pear , gypsum , yeast nutrient , Irish moss1. 1.144 = 19% potential alc.
Long day yesterday, Steve Dando came over and we started at 8 am slicing up the black walnut tree from 9017 (I plan to have a table made from the wood) cleaned out garage over there and finished about 7pm. . .then brewed this mead. Warm weather, 76f yesterday. Scott was riding bicycle this morn, summits of Bothel, Today Justin, Jen, Jessica, mom & dad came over for dinner.
9-1-05 1.064 = 8.5% much lighter colour than #28 and bubbling slower.
9-6-05 1 second bubble
10-23 racked again 1.010 = 1% residual sugar
6-10-06 bottled 18% alcohol