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Italian Prune

General Overview
Meaded On:9/19/2009
Bottled On:5/9/2010
Residual Sugar:0%
Alcohol Content:18.1%
Mead Style:Melomel
Weather Conditions:(Not Recorded)
Yeast Type:Dry Mead #4632, with a pitch temperature of 69° F
Honey Type:Clover
Results Synopsis:(Not Recorded)

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Diary Entries (1)
Bee On 9/19/2009 was recorded:
9/19/2009 Italian prune, honey, Irish moss, yeast nutrient, (no gypsum).
Brought to boil after we came home from Rositas for a pint and chips/salsa - I put on some 12" albums tonight,
A. C. - Billion dollar babies
E. J. - Rock of the westies
A. D. - Elegant Gypsy
P. M. - Wings at the speed of sound
fun, loud, good time - wow, happy with the new roof!
9/20 yeast @ 69 deg f 18.5% = 1.140
9/28/2009 racked out fruit 5.6% sugar = 1.045
bottled mum's day - 5/9/2010
0.4% residual sugar (1.005) nice one!
"The reveling science of god" is my bottling music today
took a break with John & Barb on this beautiful day bottling