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Brickyard Grape

General Overview
Meaded On:9/27/2007
Bottled On:5/1/2008
Residual Sugar:0%
Alcohol Content:15%
Mead Style:Pyment
Weather Conditions:(Not Recorded)
Yeast Type:Dry Mead #4632, with a pitch temperature of 69° F
Honey Type:Clover
Results Synopsis:When I bottled batch #53, 54, 55 (all sister batches) I really didn't like any of them and I was reluctant to open any of the bottles this 2010 year. I didn't even get any out to drink here at Kirkwood until yesterday (11/27/2010) The doctor & I had a nice dinner with Jase & Mateo tonight at Casa Patron, they came over after for a sample of this batch. To all of our surprise it tasted really good. Mellowed and not so alcohol tasting, with quite a bit of grape smell and taste. I think maybe it could be aged a bit longer but I can surely enjoy it now still just a little young. Light, slightly leggy, and wine like in flavor but still unmistakably mead, not wine.

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