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General Overview
Meaded On:9/8/2009
Bottled On:4/22/2010
Residual Sugar:1%
Alcohol Content:16.5%
Mead Style:Melomel
Weather Conditions:(Not Recorded)
Yeast Type:dry mead #3632, with a pitch temperature of 74° F
Honey Type:Clover
Results Synopsis:Just what the doctor ordered. A beautiful balance of blueberry dryness and fruit flavour. Nice and leggy, and the color as always is just a delight through Waterford glasses. This batch is not aged out just yet, but I taste it as one of excellent lasting beauty in the years to come. May 14, 2911.

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Diary Entries (4)
Bee On 9/8/2009 was recorded:
Yeast @ 74° F

17½ % = 1.134 = 32
Bee On 9/12/2009 was recorded:
10:15A medium/strong fermentation - no overflow - still quite puffed up - looks good. Yesterday about 90° F. Went to a football game that Greg announced at East Lake Summamish High. Backed out fruit.
Bee On 9/12/2009 was recorded:
1:30A after work 1.065 = 8.2%
2 hrs - 10 mins = 4 batches
Bee On 4/24/2010 was recorded:
1% Sugar = 1.010
16.5% alcohol
The telephone man came by and fixed our phone lines back to normal. Brinks/Broadview to arrive soon. We now have "Clear" wire-less internet service. Brinks/Broadview security alarm is fixed and is in order - Racked out fruit.