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Brickyard Grape

General Overview
Meaded On:9/17/2009
Bottled On:4/27/2010
Residual Sugar:2.2%
Alcohol Content:15.9%
Mead Style:Great Mead
Weather Conditions:(Not Recorded)
Yeast Type:Dry Mead # 3632, with a pitch temperature of 70° F
Honey Type:clover
Results Synopsis:(Not Recorded)

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Diary Entries (4)
Bee On 9/18/2009 was recorded:
Nancy went to Costco and rotated the tires on the Miata. I brewed on the 70° F day a bit wet with showers. I phoned Jim Trollingar because Geno Meyer died - found by his daughter after about 5 days... a guy from the Postal Service.
Bee On 9/20/2009 was recorded:
Yeast @ 73° F
18.1% = 1.139 Potential
Bee On 9/28/2009 was recorded:
5.8% = 1.046
Bee On 4/27/2010 was recorded:
2.2% Sugar = 1.020/6 brix
Nancy left to get the Crown & Bee embroidered shirts.
15.9% alcohol