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General Overview
Meaded On:8/16/2006
Bottled On:7/4/2007
Residual Sugar:3%
Alcohol Content:10%
Mead Style:Blue Mead
Weather Conditions:(Not Recorded)
Yeast Type:Dry Mead # 3632, with a pitch temperature of 76° F
Honey Type:clover
Results Synopsis:Classic, fruity, a little sweet, lots of blueberry flavor, really good.

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Diary Entries (1)
Bee On 8/15/2006 was recorded:
Blueberry 8/19/06
20 lbs honey
20 lbs blueberries (fresh frozen) plus some store bought,Irish moss and yeast nutrient. Wyeast liquid dry mead yeast 3632. Pitched yeast at 76F next day (my birthday) 1.100 = 13% potential alcohol Chad will put in the carpet next Friday at 9017. Today (my birthday - 47 years) it's 80F again and beautiful sunny weather. 8/31/06 racked out fruit 1.064 = 8% sugar. 3/4/07 1.030 = 3½ sugar. 5/13 Added yeast helper and racked back and forth several times to try and get it fermenting again on the heated bath floor at 84F (the batch is about 74F) room temp. 68-72F. Bottled 7/7/07 1.029 = 3% sugar. .10% alcohol