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Italian Prune

General Overview
Meaded On:9/10/1994
Bottled On:11/25/1994
Residual Sugar:--
Alcohol Content:12%
Mead Style:Melomel
Weather Conditions:(Not Recorded)
Yeast Type:Dry Mead Yeast
Honey Type:Clover
Results Synopsis:(Not Recorded)

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Diary Entries (1)
Bee On 11/9/2010 was recorded:
There is no surviving diary from this batch. What I remember is that I read about mead in the back of my Charlie Papazian book on home brewing beer and decided to try a few batches just for the higher alcohol it seems, and because it said this beverage kept longer than beer. I also remember I didn't like it very well upon first taste, so I decided to store it away for a while. Well I mostly forgot about it in a box somewhere. Bounce forward to a sunny, cold and calm Christmas day 2002 - Nancy & I were at Moran State Park in the San Juan Islands camping on Cascade Lake all alone. We shared a 12 oz. bottle of this very first Italian Prune batch of mead. Wow, it was so very good. I decided then and there that I was going to make more of this mead and age it for a longer time period before serving. I set about making mead in the coming summer. 2003 I made 3 batches, (#'s 11 - 12 - 13) and I put out the word for more carboys from garage sales and I picked up a lot more to get under way making mead. It was tough mostly storing all I made for the first few years, But now it's underway. Paul Pelton - of the Crown & Bee.