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Select Me# 11 Unknown composition date
Select MeA charm invents a face composed on 11/3/2010
Select MeA Toast - To Godspeed composed on 9/9/2008
Select MeAmiga composed on 1/18/2010
Select MeBelieve Me When I Tell You (the ebb & flow) composed on 1/15/2011
Select MeChanging Form composed on 8/16/2005
Select MeCounty Clare composed on 3/14/2009
Select MeEartH composed on 5/15/2011
Select MeFor A Friend composed on 8/11/2008
Select MeGod Is Giving composed on 6/6/2009
Select MeIceberg Air composed on 7/8/2006
Select MeLady Grey composed on 11/21/2010
Select MeLife (Man works) composed on 5/3/2003
Select MeLIGHTER composed on 1/8/2011
Select MePostal Playground composed on 1/2/2010
Select MeThe Inert Alert composed on 10/3/2010
Select MeThis Could Be You composed on 9/29/2010