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County Clare 
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Shake the negative positivity that your mother sometimes has
Who cares? County Clare cares
With her strength and beauty
County Clare has strength and glory
On the roads and paths bled with beauty and glory
Sends out a truth of a profound love story
Of the land of our family and this world over
I sip of the London gin and I sadly grin

Where does it come from and where does it go
I don't really know but this there I will go
Soon - the next full moon
Over the lake and beyond the stems
I'll find myself there in a small town (never a frown)
It's a very regal, strong, and glorious withstanding people
Cut in glass with beauty under the eyeglass
I'm going to wish you all what we had there
I am sincere there that's why should I care
The bounty and beauty of County Clare
Our wars are lost and won there
My ancestors and family are buried there
On the land I love so dear
County Clare - our children will stand firm breathing fresh air

County Clare breathe fresh air
Live for a day and be king for a day
Right there in County Clare

Pauly - 11:36p
Composed on 3/14/2009 

Our Comments
New Waterford glasses (6) and pitcher from a Centralia train trip overnighter at the Olympic Club, this time with Phil and Kathy. When I got these in my hands and sat with the pitcher in the dinning room an ancient poem came out. Clare is a strength and shield sort of pattern, very pretty, and the first time I had ever remember seeing this pattern in Waterford crystal.