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Lady Grey 
My sweet Lady Grey
I hope to be with you today
Pass you through my waiting lips
And taste your tender lovely tips

Taste that, my wonderful woman
A rich and lovely flavour
Bright and light with orange and citrus
This hot liquor pleases both of us
It's you upon my waiting lips
That satisfies the both of us
Then out the door and on the bus

Warm and gentle with a soy splash
Makes a man of me in a flash
Oh, the taste of my sweet Lady Grey
Don't make my lips wait for you today

Come with me today
On my lips to play
Three bags strong this way
Sweet sensation Lady Grey

I'm so satisfied when your gone
I know your not gone away so long
I'll be with you another day
Three bags strong is Lady Grey

Oh, the taste of my Lady Grey
My sweetest sister dashed hers away
I'm having a pot, three bags strong today
This is the way I love my hot Lady Grey

10am 10-11-08 a really quick one
(today - 10-22-08 12:57a rewrite to the computer
with a few minor changes) revisit 7/9/09
Paul Pelton
Composed on 11/21/2010 

Our Comments
I poured a pot of Twinnigs Lady Grey tea and this poem just pretty well shot out of me while I was sipping several cups of Lady Gray tea. I realized after I finished that this was a love a fare so upon each revisit I seemed to turn up the tension with only minor word changes here and there. This Lady Grey is HOT.