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The Inert Alert 
This is an alert to inform we've updated your account alert preferences
Please send and alert if you believe you have received this alert message in error
To see all of the alerts available to you please alert us within the alert format that is preset in your program
To reply to this alert please send an alert message from your inbox alert section
This is an alert to help manage your account
To see all of your alerts . . .
To reply to this alert . . .
Please alert your mouth that your plan is to insert your foot
Alert your cheek, then place your tongue firmly into this
For best results, repeat all alerts
Do be informed when alerts duplicate
At this time update your account alert preferences
This has been your alert
Do be alerted
Rather than being inverted

PollenNancy P.
Alert erted 11:04pm
Composed on 10/3/2010 

Our Comments
One night I was quite frustrated with an update from the bank about some alert rubbish that came to me on the computer. I was fascinated by how many times this alert message used the word alert. In the end it was complete crap, (you know what I mean?) but it did inspire this complete load of rubbish for you to read just now. A robotic kind of thing I guess.