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A Toast - To Godspeed 
May peace and love on your wedding day
Remain with both of you everyday
Then everyday find it in your hearts to say
I love you - just like you both said it today
9-20-08 9:48pm - Paul

Let the promises you've made today
Remain fresh in your hearts in every way
And if ever these promises begin to sway
Godspeed your hearts back to this very moment - today

Let your love flow
Let your feelings show
And your hearts will lead
With all of Godspeed

One day when your both old and gray
Godspeed your thoughts back to right now - today
Remember your knowledge of wisdom and choices
These promises spoken with both of your voices

9-10-2008 Written for Scott & Suzie
Cheers to you two for a big day toast
Composed on 9/9/2008 

Our Comments
My brother Scott had chosen me to be the best man at his upcoming wedding. It was a couple of weeks before the very day when I received a phone call from my brother, he told me that at 7pm during the reception party I would give a toast for him and his new bride Suzie in front of about 175 people at Willows Lodge. He politely explained that this was my responsibility because he had chosen me as his best man (makes sense really). I came up with these (4) choices and I realized it made some sense as a poem, so here it is. I actually made a piece of toast and shellacked it many times with the first stanza printed on it and carried this toast in my tux coat pocket during the wedding and held it up to draw attention at 7pm, you guessed it - I read the toast. It went over quite well actually if I must say so myself. For father's day 2009 Suzie made up a framed wall hanging of the actual toast and this poem and gave it to my brother. This piece hangs in their home today.