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Postal Playground 
They're a tough gang - no rules
Always winning any duels
Wandering the Postal playground
We are more people
But we all walk in fear
Never knowing who is near
Supported by a tax paying population
They are the red badge nation
They are a tough pack
Giving me a heart attack
Can't sleep
Can't eat
My house is paid in full
I have no debt
Daily we all deal
With this playground threat
They are like a bomb proof money vault
Holding back any assault
They are a tough pack
Watching one another's back
Like ants in a line
Created by government design
Always running aground
In this Postal playground
- - - - - - - -
Looking all around
There is no life to be found

Written on tugger #510 - Men's locker room (SB - 182)
(Closed 3:15 - 3:45pm) tour III
Paul Pelton - ID # xxxxxx92 P. L. area - 3xx
Seattle P & DC - WA 98168
Composed on 1/2/2010 

Our Comments
One of the female custodians was stalking me at the pissed office and was looking for me in the Mens locker room on two (2) occasions. This is a poem about the lack of interest in management to deal with sexual harassment despite their claims that this is not tolerated. The general thought was women are not perverts, men are. I wrote statements documenting this abuse but nothing was done for over a year. This poem reflects my general hopelessness to fight for personal rights with the government. Justice delayed is justice denied (as usual). This woman still works on my shift because management dropped the ball. Oh my god. Can you feel the anger release here? Creepy girl. No support from Postal management.