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The beach is brand new
The ocean is older than you
And in my mind the sky
Lenses darken my eye
It's up to me
We all have to be free
On the road to you
Wind is with me too
Now I'm missing you
(Irie) I really wish I knew
What to do
Maybe a nice warm bath
I can follow this path
Well beyond you
Where I stand is dangerous
For both you and me
To ourselves
Just look at the shelves
Look at the tree line
People don't mind
Just follow the line
The tracks in the sand
On this bottom land
This image could be brighter
So I used the lighter
# 091
Just for fun
Tracks in the sand
Coming to or from the land
I just don't understand
I've seen the fizz
And it is what it is

at 1:21am 1/9/11 - Paul -

This is the real track
I can't really look back
One day the craft bends
In the mirror is our friends
This big surprise
Alight my eyes
Composed on 1/8/2011 

Our Comments
I've got a sepia from May 2006 of my friend Phil that inspired this. The image is #091 on the sans disc.