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This Could Be You 
Upside down, is rally down side up
The hour glass, is really a glass per hour
A beautiful day, is really a day of beauty
The love of life, is really a life of love

And the peace within is really living in peace
To everyone you meet and everyone you greet
Smile and say hello making friends with someone you don't know
Your down side is really your up side I know

To you, you - you know what it is to know
Grow the downside up like it's upside down
Get ready, plan it out, then go
And when the moon is full there will be full sun you know

The following day, is the day you will follow
When you spoke to your people they will speak to you
Looking for somewhere, somewhere there is a mirror
When the peace is found you will have found this piece of life

heaped up tonight -
Poly Pelton wow, I just realized. . . 2:24a (undated)
and again 2:24a 9-29-2010
Today is the day my father died, 1977.
the alarm went off on the transporter just now, but I don't see anyone
Composed on 9/29/2010 

Our Comments
This was one of the Christmas card poems for 2010. This is a reflection poem in the way of Jack Flanders in that, "What appears to be coming at you is actually coming from you" I liked the way it came about on the very day my father died.