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Wow, that's a big stack
I wish I could put them all back
I've just found another one
Whirling 'round just for fun
I'm still adding more
There's so many in store

Here comes a small one
Right 'round a tall one
This one was real near
So unbelievable it's almost clear
I can't believe there's still more
And some by the door

I'd like to set them all back
But I just haven't the knack
Without a doubt
Just have to go without
Now there's no more
Down in the core

I saw another one
A lot like that other one
Now where did it go
It dosen't seem to show
I want them all back
Right there in my stack

-Polly Pea-
Sunday 6:48p
After the tub, "When I Was Sick" - poem
Composed on 5/15/2011 

Our Comments
This one is about over use, and over harvest, and general taking until a species becomes extinct.