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# 11 
# 11

I'm feeling good, I'm feeling right
I've just finished my pot and now it's Saturday night
I've climbed the mountain of life
And earlier today I cleared the drain of strife
Now my road is running free
And it seems it's all coming through me

All the world is young - but I'm getting old
None the less I've got my days and thoughts to hold
Celebrations and dedications in the dark relations
With my valuable friend
But demise of my eyes
Keeps me hypnotized
Even though I'm becoming a bit wise


In my dreams I'm always flying high
Since I was a kid, always flying high
I never understood until I looked inside and thought about why
By the fire I always cry, why does my heart always show this side
Truth is out - I must confide
My love for you I can not hide
Given to me from your deep blue sea of love
Pure love

I feel it
I know it
I live it
I show it

The way I move
You see me prove
It's all stacked up
My bucket cleaned up




anyway - just wanted to remind it's Charlie's birthday and I miss him, I do, dearly.


9:07p 1-21-2012

how many days gone - as many days that i have thought of you gone
Unknown composition date