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Changing Form 
When the weather got warm, there was this man that was changing form
He wanted to get away to find his way
And when he got away he got together
He had a good friend and they went forever
They had to go away to get together and together each of them was
And as they were changing form, they found a place away from a storm
Changing about, and from the norm
A change had already taken place, it was from ever since on his face

Then together he was, and observing the buzz of this life
His good friend she said, she is in his head and naturally in his life
As 7 o'clock drew nearer, this night became clearer
There was 3 chasers and one keeper, walking home together went deeper
He felt the moon inside a spoon, she saw the star inside a jar
So when they got home, they were home all alone
From this beautiful talk, and this midnight walk
And away they went, floating down stream

Then together she was, and observing the buzz of this life
Her good friend he said, he is in her head and naturally changing form
To find a place to stay, and wake up home one day
Jealous was the winter sun, and frivolous is the other one

2:38am 8/17/05

L. sleepos
Composed on 8/16/2005 

Our Comments
A dream sequence I had written about a couple getting together, mostly about Nancy & I really.
L. Sleepos appears now and then as my pen name, I'm not sure how or why. . . Lasting Sleepos.