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God Is Giving 
God is giving give him a chance
Just one dance
Only one song
You can follow along
Then return to your table
Sip on your drink
Give yourself time to think
You may not see him again

She's out the door - thinking
Is there anything more?
Who was that on the dance floor?

The next day on the cell phone
Your friend said you were dancing alone
When you heard this tone
Then you slapped your cell phone
Could this be right?
Your friends last night?
Remember just one dance
There was only one song
And that one you followed along
All night long

12:12am at the cabin
Composed on 6/6/2009 

Our Comments
The cabin I refer to is Phil and Kathy's cabin on the Skykomish river near Index WA. This one doesn't need much explanation however I can say it's about people that you meet randomly in life that may or may not be who they appear to be. I am quite careful to say I miss these two friends in my life but not going to the cabin so much.